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Free Advice

Please email us at  with questions or call us at 800-644-2003  anytime between 7AM to 5PM PST for assistance with your stair project.  You can also send a fax to that same number or email us a .pdf and we will prepare a "takeoff" quote for you.

Most of our products have links to a pdf drawing.  Many items, especially the tools, have links to installation instructions.  Please also check out our blog which also has articles on installation.



Stairway building codes are always changing. Get the latest code information from the Stairway Manufacturers' Association.



Please see links below for other installation guides:

                Balustrade Installation Guide (English)             

                Balustrade Installation Guide (Spanish)             

                Iron Baluster Installation Guide             

                Iron Newel Installation Guide             

                LJ 4075 Box Newel Installation Guide             

                LJ 4091 Box Newel Installation Guide             

                LJ 4092 Box Newel Installation Guide             

                LJ 4392 Box Newel Installation Guide             

                IronPro Level Kit Installation Guide             

                8172-8179 False Tread Installation              

                Bending Rail Installation Guide