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Securing Wood Newel Posts

Newel Post

The most often question I am asked is "How do I best fasten and secure my wood newel posts?".   The answer depends upon what type of newel posts you are trying to secure.  The strength of your stair system is dependent upon firmly mounted newel posts. Most of the 4-1/4" or larger square box newels which we sell on our site come with a mounting block which has 4 lag screws or bolts.  The bottom of the box newel is hollow and it fits over the block.  Simply secure the block in place with the lag screws (provided), trim...

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First Post

Just launched my new e-commerce platform using Shopify.  Huge enhancement to the web site.   My prior site was operating on a platform (Open Source Commerce) that was 7 years old.  Now I am tablet and smart phone friendly.  Please check out my updated site.

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